Does Your Homepage Uncork the Best Impression?

We all know that there’s no place like home. So, is your website homepage the kind of destination your customers and potential customers want to visit more than once? Visit it now, and ask yourself the following questions.


Does it properly convey the essence of your brand and encourage people to be part of your unique experience?


Does your homepage make acquiring your wines a simple act, or an advanced placement test? How easy is it for customers to find out what’s new, what’s on sale, what’s being featured? Can people easily view your current event lineup and buy tickets?


Make sure that your homepage encourages streamlined, hassle-free access to every revenue aspect of your business. After all, that’s the bottom line for its existence.


No matter what the original reason for their visit, you want them to at a minimum sign up for your mailing list.


Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Put as much thought into your homepage as you do your proprietary blend. It’s your billboard on the Internet.


Here are some ideas for what your home page should prominently include:


  • Featured wines – Every winery should always offer a focal point for shoppers on the homepage. This can be new releases, customer favorites or recent award winners, or a mix of all three. Make it obvious. Don’t expect customers to hunt down for this information. Awards and scores are big news for customers, so if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em! The “Feature” part of your homepage is critical to focus attention. Perhaps they came to your website to check out an event: grab their attention right away and tell them about the latest award or score and make them want to buy.
  • Make it easy to purchase – Customers should be able to make one click and purchase any of your featured wine easily, without being forced to register, to login or to create an account. Always include pricing information, and display member pricing to encourage membership. Club members should always be able to see their discounts quickly and easily, and have the option to login to view their past orders. Bottom line: never force a visitor to login to make a sale.
  • Events – Always promote upcoming events and sell tickets. Make sure past events automatically fall off the page and are no longer showing, as it makes you look like nobody is paying attention. Show member pricing for events, encouraging them to take advantage of their special status.
  • Member specials – Promote your wine club prominently. Present in simple bullet point format the members benefits and make it easy to sign up. Offer an extra on the spot incentive to become a member.
  • Hours of operation – Make sure your customers can instantly see when you are open, and whether you accept appointments for off-hours visits. Don’t make visitors click to get this information.
  • Contact– Your phone number and address, along with hours of operation, should be prominently displayed on the homepage.
  • Tell your story – Create a small teaser that states what makes you special. Give a glimpse into your history. Link to the details, but give visitors a reason to dig deeper.
  • News – Use a brief summary of news items to let your visitors know what is going on, along with reviews and any press mentions. These should ideally be automatically pulled in from your social media accounts to avoid having to make updates in multiple locations.
  • Keep in touch – Encourage every visitor to sign up for your newsletter. Every email address you collect is a possible future wine or event ticket sale.


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