Four Signs Your Shopping Cart Is Costing You Money

When was the last time you tried to use your own website to purchase wine from a smartphone? How easy is your shopping cart to use? Do you know if your site is mobile-friendly?

Here are four sure signs that your website may be leaving money on the table:

1. Do you force guests to create an account (big hassle) or require them to login in order to buy your wine? Bad for business. Many shoppers don’t want to be that intimate with you. They just want to make a purchase and move on.

Research shows that up to 75% of users will abandon a cart if forced to register or login while making a purchase. In another study, online purchases increased by as much as 45% when forced registration was removed.

2. Do you automatically recognize valuable Club Members when they arrive at your storefront? Do you instantly provide them with their discounts so they can easily see how much they will save on each purchase? If not, you’re losing sales, for sure.

3. Do you automatically upsell the benefits of your Wine Club during the checkout process? Making a sale is great: gaining a Club Member is even better. Guests should be able to clearly see the Club Member prices and be told precisely how much they would save on the order they are submitting, e.g., “Members would save $18 on this order.” Further, guests should be able to join the Club easily, without ever leaving the checkout page. 

4. Is your site optimized for mobile devices? Most millennials don’t have desktops: they use their smartphones for everything. More and more ecommerce is moving to mobile platforms. Have you tried buying your own wine on your mobile phone, or finding or calling your winery from the mobile web page? Take a moment to do so and experience your site for yourself.

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